The economy of Nepal is largely dominated by agriculture. With 60% of its population dependent on agriculture for their livelihood and with agriculture contributing a third of the total national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), agriculture is regarded as one of prioritized sectors for the economic development of the country (ADS, 2012). So, ADWAN’s second priority theme is Livelihood, Livelihood refers to fact that the ecosystem and all other systems, such as economic, social and cultural systems, are interrelated and affect each other daily. Livelihoods, in their simplest form, are about local efforts to alter behavior that has the ability to result in social changes.

ADWAN adopting following program to insure sustainable livelihood of Dalit & other marginalized women and girls.

1. SOFT SKILLS:- Give fishing kits not the fish:

ADWAN provides soft skills to the rural and poor women from isolated areas of Nepal on;

  1.   Farming green vegetable and spices
  2.   Mushroom Cultivation
  3.   Pineapple farming
  4.   Animal Husbandry
  5.   Fisheries
  6.   Tailoring
  7.   Dhaka and Pashmina weaving
  8.   Bag and Cap weaving
  9.   Bangles designing
  10.   Hand embroidery
  11.   Laundry Soap Making
  12.   Candle Making
  13.   Incense Making
  14.   Piggery
  15.   Mini and Medioum Poultry
  16.   Bamboo Handicraft
  17.   Flowery Culture
  18.  Other paper handicrafts.
  19. Entrepreneurship Capacity Development Training: All the trained women from soft skills are benefits from the Entrepreneurship Capacity Development Training. ADWAN provides basic knowledge on how to start establish business and how to analysis suit market. The knowledge on run business and capacity on calculation profit and loss provided to the women who really wants to start their carrier in business. This training support poor and Dalit women and build up confidence to start business.
  20. Seed Fund: ADWAN provides seed fund to the entire group who taken the full course of the training. The seed money is not huge amount but this becomes mush supportive to start the business with collaboration of local government.
  1. Technical support and follow up visits: 
  2. Market assessment and connection;