HUMAN RIGHTS: Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that every person in the world should have. ADWAN define itself there are two main types of human rights – 1) Economic and Social rights, and 2) Cultural & Political rights .

ECONOMIC & SOCIAL RIGHTS: The social and economic rights are known as socio-economic human rights. Such as ‘Right to Education’, ‘Right to standard living’, ‘Right to Health’, ‘Right to property’. These rights are recognized and protected in international and regional human rights instruments. As its part ADWAN is focusing on “SOCIAL & ECONOMIC RIGHTS” and believes economically and socially empowered women live dignified life and able to secure rights of new generation and able to lead the society.

ADWAN’s ongoing program on Economic & Social Rights:

  1. Life Skills Development Training: Basic-42 hours & Short Term-180 hours certified course from CTEVT-Central for Technical Education and Vocational Training under Nepal Government. ADWAN focused on developing the new technique and methodology in green farming and modern ideas on livestock promotion skills which became the key factor for rural women for improve their economic status on the right way.
  2. Entrepreneurship Development Training: Second step of livelihood program, ADWAN providing business start up training to establish small entrepreneurship to trained women and girls. This training provides the power of knowledge to women in keeping financial record, business strategy and market linkage.
  3. Training on Selected Social Accountability tools: To secure the social rights of women and girls ADWAN runs the training on selected SA tools i.e. Strategy planning of local government, Participatory budgeting, Community Score Card, GBV related workshops and leadership development trainings.

CULTURAL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS: The Cultural and political rights are a higher class of rights that protect individual’s freedom from violation by government and social organization and private individuals. It refers to ensure every one’s ability to participate in the political life without cultural discrimination on ground such as race, gender, ethnicity, age religion, sexual orientation and disability including individual rights such as privacy and the freedom in every aspect.  ADWAN believes the economic and social rights is the key factor to set up cultural and political rights in society thus cultural and political rights is secondary focus point of ADWAN.

ADWAN’s ongoing program on Cultural and Political rights:

  1. Young Women Leadership Development training: To enhance knowledge of young women as community leader for rights based movement to ensure women and girls’ rights at local level. The provided skills of leadership stand them in first row of the society and getting involved in political parties. The output this program, some of our women leaders elected in election of local level’s election 2017.
  2. Workshop on Hinduism Cultural Barriers: The Hinduism patriarchal hierarchy is the main factor of cultural and gender discrimination. ADWAN is focused on awareness to male for eliminate the gender inequality and cultural barrier against women and girls. ADWAB believes without aware and sensitize male the gender based violence is impossible to decrease.