To establish equitable society free of caste, class and gender discriminations


The mission of ADWAN is to bring Dalit women into the mainstream of state governing mechanism by empowering and sensitizing them to establish human right, democracy, sustainable peace and equitable society.


ADWAN aims to eliminate caste and gender based discrimination against Dalit women and to empower them socially, economically, politically and educationally.


  • To raise awareness against discrimination, exploitation and injustice over Dalit & Marginalized women.
  • To foster economic condition of Dalit & Marginalized women by saving and credit program
  • To unite and organize Dalit and Marginalized women in solidarity Saving Group.
  • To make rural Dalit & Marginalized women economically self dependant by providing skill development and vocational trainings
  • To conduct workshops, seminars, interactions and training programs on human right, child right, gender and untouchability.
  • To conduct literacy class, pre-school class and distribute scholarships to Dalit & Marginalized women and children.
  • To develop Dalit women’s leadership for political participation and community development
  • To build up solidarity, network and alliance with like minded organization for advocacy, justice and empowerment of Dalit & Marginalized women.

Program Implementation Strategy

  • Need assessment and survey of project proposed area
  • Project design on the basis of community need and geographical situation
  • Mobilization of volunteers and staffs
  • Capacity enhancement of members and staffs of all levels
  • Services and programs outreaching to the rural focused community
  • Formation of group, networking with local people and civic organizations for sustainability of the project.
  • Set up network with local – federal – central government for sustainability.