A non-discriminatory, just, equitable, prosperous society where every individual has the opportunity to live a dignified life


Empower Dalit and marginalized girls and women through a combination of education and economic empowerment


To eliminate all forms of discrimination against Dalit and marginalized girls and women by empowering them socially, economically, politically and educationally.


  • Develop and implement the human rights based program to enhance access to and control over productive means and resources for Dalit and Marginalied girls and women.
  • Social mibilisation and campaign to end all forms of discriminations and injustice based on caste, class, race, gender, language and political ideoloty.
  • Conduct a program to improve livelihoods and expanding economic opportunity for Dalit and marginalized women.
  • Public policy research and evidence based advocacy at local, regional, national and international from the perspective of marginalised and excluded women,

Program Implementation Strategy

  • Need assessment and survey of project proposed area
  • Project design on the basis of community needs and geographical situation
  • Mobilization of volunteers and staff
  • Capacity enhancement of members and staff at all levels
  • Services and programs reaching out to the rural-focused community
  • Formation of group(s), networking with local people and civic organizations for sustainability of the project.
  • Set up a network with local – federal – central government for sustainability.