This position will gives volunteer a firsthand view of all areas in project implementation, event organize and documentation. Especial support Project manager and staffs to set monthly & yearly plan for implement activities, build relationship with local government & other stakeholders, write event event completion report, visit sponsor students and prepare report. Involve in community school at least a hour in school day.

Major Objectives:

  1. Establish a friendly relationship with an adults with multiple disabilities
  2. Explore the community to encourage independence.

III. Provide support during community activities

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Spend 2 hours per week doing any activity you and your peer/friend choose; seek pre-approval from peer/friend’s case manager.
  2. Support and encourage your peer/friend in performing activities in collaboration with other providers.
  3. Provide ongoing communication to case manager and other team members
  4. Terminate relationship with peer/friend when you can no longer volunteer


1.Transportation to field and office fulfilled by yourself.

2. No experience with deprived is not required.


  1. Attend training session of ADWAN and other related officials.
  2. Ongoing support is provided by project Manager, ED and boards..
  3. A background check is required, this will include a drug screening, criminal check. Volunteer can not begin working until all information has been received and approved by the area program.


  1. Minimum 3 hours day 6 days in week is required, additional time is at your discretion.
  2. Plan your schedule in conjunction with ED & project manager, boards, and peer/friend.
  3. Explore or attend events in the community or at places where your senior want you to attend.

Length of Commitment:

6 months is required.


  1. Ongoing support is tailored to each volunteer’s needs
  2. Supervisor: Executive Director.

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