Laxmi Kapri, an Exemplary Empowered woman of Taklung – Education is a key to the door of all the dreams. The context is of Laxmi Kapri, a 25 years woman/ girl belonging to a very poor family of Taklung, Gorakha created a landmark identity as well as in ADWAN’s history. She Education is the process of achieving knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and moral habits possesses outstanding personality with the amalgamation of personal and professional qualities. At present, she is working in two renowned hospitals due to her overt, cooperative and familiar, behavior and philanthropic nature. She is working in an established and recognized community hospital named “Helping Hands” and a private hospital “Blue Cross” in Kathmandu. It has improved economic status of her family.

Laxmi was born in 1997 in a below average family of rural background. Her family did not have regular source of income so that she could join school and study like other children. Hardly that family could fulfill the food for two times a day. Her father is handicapped and mother used to earn by a grocery having very low investment.

Generally, parents in a rural background do not want to invest for girl’s education as the thinking is pervaded that she has to leave and go to her husband’s house. The general tendency is not to invest more on daughters. Additionally, her family could not afford educational expenses.

Laxmi grew up in rural agro-based environment. She said” my parents did not have an opportunity to attend school, so they face struggling life throughout. Because of this, they made commitment early in my childhood to do every possible way to instill a love towards learning, handwork and dedication to work”. She had realized the importance of education. However, she was admitted in a government school of her vicinity. She was a very active student. she participated in debate and other extra- curricular activities. Throughout she worked hard. As a result, she scored very good marks and position in examination of School Leaving Certificate (SLC). Seeing her SLC certificate, her parents’ happiness knows no bounds. Their exultation gave an indication of their complacence in struggling phase of life.

She had her deep interest in serving the people of physically disable, old persons for humanitarian support. Therefore, she was interested to study Health Science. She got admitted in Martyr Memorial Institute of Health and Science.  Her goal of life is to serve patients either in hospital or in the community. She studied there Proficiency Certificate level of Nursing. t was difficult for the family to maintain her expenses. In the course of time and her need, she came to ADWAN’s support for further education. Through  ADWAN’s support  as steps to move further and further, she succeeded in achieving her goa.l  During her study and after it, she visited different hospitals that helped her to be more patient, matured and dedicated to work.

Now, she is working skillfully in theses hospitals. In turn, she has improved her better livelihoods. She is managing the parents as well as her own enhancement.